Getting User Presence Data

Simply send a GET request to users endpoint with your user ID. This is for the REST API, if you want to check the WebSocket documentation to get real-time updates, click here.

JavaScript Code

fetch("")  .then((res) => res.json())  .then(console.log);

Interactive Playground


  "success": true,
  "data": {
    "spotify": null,
    "listening_to_spotify": false,
    "kv": {
      "location": "alis house",
      "lanyardOwner": "yes"
    "discord_user": {
      "username": "EGGSY",
      "public_flags": 131840,
      "id": "162969778699501569",
      "discriminator": "3388",
      "bot": false,
      "avatar": "a_70183c74caccc407d8962c2ca8cb7474"
    "discord_status": "online",
    "activities": [
        "type": 4,
        "state": "",
        "name": "Custom Status",
        "id": "custom",
        "emoji": {
          "name": "githubwhite",
          "id": "772550034699845642",
          "animated": false
        "created_at": 1661803616815
    "active_on_discord_web": false,
    "active_on_discord_mobile": false,
    "active_on_discord_desktop": true

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