Key-Value Store

Lanyard KV is a a dynamic, real-time key->value store which is added to the Lanyard user API response. When a KV pair is updated, a PRESENCE_UPDATE for the user will also be emitted through the Lanyard socket.

Use Cases

  • Configuration values for your website
  • Configuration values for Lanyard 3rd party projects
  • Dynamic data for your website/profile (e.g. current location)


  1. Keys and values can only be strings
  2. Values can be 30,000 characters maximum
  3. Keys must be alphanumeric (a-zA-Z0-9) and 255 characters max length
  4. Your user can have a maximum of 512 key->value pairs linked

Getting an API Key

DM the Lanyard bot (Lanyard#5766) with .apikey to get your API key.

When making Lanyard KV API requests, set an Authorization header with the API key you received from the Lanyard bot as the value.

Setting a key->value pair


.set <key> <value>


PUT The value will be set to the body of the request. The body can be any type of data, but it will be string-encoded when set in Lanyard KV.

Setting multiple key->value pairs


Not yet implemented


PATCH The user's KV store will be merged with the body of the request. Conflicting keys will be overwritten. The body must be keyvalue pair object with a maximum depth of 1.

Deleting a key


.del <key>



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